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Nursing students to study in Sweden

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Two Georgia College nursing students will travel overseas this August to gain international experience in health care while completing required nursing credits toward their degrees.

During fall semester, juniors Callie Denmark and Reagan Callie Denmark and Reagan Cumbie will study nursing in Sweden.Callie Denmark and Reagan Cumbie will study nursing in Sweden.Cumbie will participate in Georgia College’s first nursing study abroad program at Linnaeus University in Sweden.

“Callie and Reagan will study the same areas as their cohort here, so they will not miss anything,” says Dr. Sallie Coke, international coordinator and assistant professor in the GC School of Nursing.  “They also will do their clinical rotations there, taking care of Swedish patients in Swedish hospitals.”

The nursing students were chosen competitively from among 16 applicants seeking the study abroad opportunity.  “Callie and Reagan are exceptionally well-prepared students and eager for this experience,” Coke said.

“Most people only dream of getting involved like this,” Cumbie said, “and I plan to make the most of my experience.”  She expects the experience to make her more understanding of patients from other cultures and expand her thinking about nursing practice.

Two key factors have made the study abroad exchange possible: the practice of nursing in Sweden is almost identical to the United States, and English is spoken extensively in Sweden.  The students will experience health care practice in a nationalized medical system in Sweden.

“While I will learn the same nursing concepts that I would at Georgia College, it will be invaluable to study and work in a different setting within the health care system,” Denmark said.

While Cumbie and Denmark are in Sweden, Linnaeus University nursing student Helena Lindhult will join Georgia College’s fall cohort.  Lindhult is the second Linnaeus student to study nursing at Georgia College for a full semester.

Denmark and Cumbie will rejoin their Georgia College cohort for the spring semester.  Both plan to complete their bachelor’s degrees in Fall, 2012, and believe their international experience will aid in pursuing advanced degrees.

Georgia College’s School of Nursing hopes to make the study abroad component a regular occurrence, Coke said. 

“We are committed to making international study a focus area for our students,” she said. “International study will enable our students to benefit from learning about other health care systems and practices as well as from experiencing other cultures.  It adds substantially to their education.”

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