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Nursing grad named Grady Memorial Hospital ‘Rookie of the Year’

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January 07, 2011

Georgia College alumna Jessica Bashor has been named Grady Memorial Hospital’s nurse “Rookie of the Year.”

Grady’s Patient Care Services Division recognizes outstanding performances of nurses in several categories.

Nominated by administrators, physicians, and nursing and hospital staff, Jessica BashorJessica BashorBashor received the nurse of the year award in the new graduate category, demonstrating excellence in the provision of direct patient care during her first two years with Grady Health System.

“I was surprised when I found out,” said Bashor, staff nurse in adult medical-surgical nursing. “Grady isn’t the easiest place to work and definitely not the easiest place to start out as a nurse since it’s the largest hospital in Georgia.”

The Decatur, Ga., native graduated from Georgia College in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

“For nearly 30 years, my parents have managed Central Night Shelter, a homeless shelter, in downtown Atlanta,” she said. “Growing up, I always imagined going into a profession where I helped people. Nursing just made sense for me.”

One visit to Georgia College during high school motivated Bashor to pursue an educational career in nursing.

“I fell in love with the campus,” said Bashor. “I really liked the small size of the school. I wasn’t interested in just being a number in a class.”

In Georgia College’s nursing program, she became part of the Georgia College Association of Nursing Students and organized volunteer opportunities in the community with organizations like Relay for Life and the Boys & Girls Club of Baldwin and Jones Counties.

Outside of school, she volunteered as a dog walker for the Animal Rescue Foundation in Milledgeville.

“Since Georgia College is a liberal arts college, I was also able to take classes I wouldn’t have the opportunity to take as a nursing major at other universities,” she said.

Bashor thanks Dr. Martha Colvin, associate dean and professor at the School of Nursing in the College of Health Sciences, for constant support.

“Her office door was always open,” Bashor said. “She had a way of calming me down whenever things were stressful, and she had a great sense of humor.”

Skills she acquired during her nursing education—starting IVs, administering shots, showing compassion to patients and listening—have helped her navigate Grady’s corridors.

“It’s easy to only remember the days when you have 12 patients each, no tech, no clerk and 13 hours without hearing a single ‘thank you,’” said Bashor. “However, the nursing instructors at Georgia College reminded us that no matter how many tasks it looked like we had to accomplish, above everything, our patients are people, and we are their advocates.”

This attitude is what makes Bashor a true “Rookie of the Year.”

Eager to see what the next few years will bring, Bashor prepares to head back to the classroom to earn a master’s degree in public health from Georgia State University.

“Everything about this particular major is challenging,” Bashor said. “Working on people is more stressful than working on papers. Fortunately, Georgia College equipped me with everything I took into Grady my first day.”

ABOUT GEORGIA COLLEGE: Georgia College, the state’s designated Public Liberal Arts University, combines the educational experience expected at esteemed private liberal arts colleges with the affordability of public higher education. Its four colleges – arts and sciences, business, education and health sciences – provide 6,600 undergraduate and graduate students with an exceptional learning environment that extends beyond the classroom, with hands-on involvement with faculty research, community service, study abroad and myriad internships.

Founded in 1889, Georgia College boasts one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation with Corinthian columns fronting red brick buildings and wide open green spaces. Georgia College also offers graduate education at the historic Jefferson building in downtown Macon, at Robins Air Force Base and online.

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