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Art form embraces unity

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February 08, 2010

Couples hugging. Families embracing. Strangers connecting.

Between 2 and 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10 on the campus of Georgia College students, faculty and visitors will embrace on platforms on the four points of the intersection of Clarke and Hancock streets.

Bill Fisher, Chair of the Art Department at Georgia College, is calling on Milledgeville and other points around the globe to join in acts of communion during an upcoming 24-hour period to celebrate acceptance of people regardless of nationality, religion or ethnicity.

“This is ‘Planet of Love’ – a performance art ‘peace’,” Fisher said. “It’s simple and non-threatening and a way for us to show unity. The divide between oppressor/oppressed, the abuser/abused, the powerful/powerless, the predator/prey, and the directed/collateral will be symbolically transgressed through the act of a physical embrace.”

The event coincides with the Third Annual Global Citizenship Symposium hosted by Georgia College to address human rights that continues through Wednesday, Feb. 10.

Simultaneously, participants in Mexico, California, Indonesia, Ireland, China, Australia and other locations across the globe have pledged to produce similar art.

The proposal calls for groups of four couples or triples or quads to stand on four points on an intersection, waterway, gallery, rooftop or office cubicle locked in an embrace for an extended period of time.

The “lovers” may be strangers to one another or have a previous relationship of some kind. The Georgia College embrace will last for three hours or more with intermittent resting when needed.

“People in the other locations will send their photos and documentation of participation, and we’ll post their work on the Web site,” Fisher said. “Our goal is to know that somewhere on this planet within these 24 hours, for at least an instant, two people are not waging war.”

Data on violence, aggression and peace culled from the following sources will be read aloud throughout the performance:;108/5/1222

For more information contact Bill Fisher at or (478) 445-4572.

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